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Growing Something New in PEI

2016 is the International Year of Pulses http://iyp2016.org/ W.A. Grain & Pulse Solutions and our core group of dedicated producers are very pleased to announce a pulse export production program on Prince Edward Island. This page is dedicated to highlight the Faba Beans and Green and Yellow Peas that are currently growing for seed production and export on PEI and the island farm families that grow them. These innovative producers are growing with us, not for us, because developing long term, positive relationships are the cornerstones of these initiatives and by which its success will be measured.

Pulses provide many positive environmental benefits to agriculture such as low carbon footprints and water requirements, reduced fertilizer costs due to their nitrogen fixation capabilities, early harvesting, less intensive farming practices and can help break pest and disease cycles when included in crop rotations. Pulses have a direct positive impact on soil quality because they help feed soil microbes, which benefits soil health and fertility. Sustainability, diversity and food security are all very important in world agriculture and pulses play a significant role in maintaining that balance.

The benefits don't stop there, pulses are a low-fat source of protein, fibre and many vitamins and minerals. They support a healthy diet and can even help in the prevention and management of diet-related diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Pulses are non-gmo, have a low glycemic index; they're gluten-free and generally non-allergenic; and their flour or puree can be used to improve the nutritional content of many existing food products so as great as they are for the land and the environment, they're even better for us.

Prince Edward Island has a long, rich history in agriculture and while it's best known for the famous PEI potato, pulse crops can contribute greatly to the health and sustainability of this large industry as well as provide agricultural diversity and positive environmental and economic benefits to island agriculture as a whole. We invite you to check back often to watch both the crops and the program grow also get to know the producers involved and if you're interested in growing with us, harvesting a new path to a healthier world is just a click away.

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